Hello Friend

Hey there, I’m Thomas Moll.

I’m a Computer Engineer working in Silicon Valley. Professionally, I’m a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Linkedin, I work on planet scale Machine Learning problems such as distributed training across multiple hosts, both on Apache Yarn and recently on Kubernetes. I also help out in managing some of the largest HDFS + Yarn clusters in the world, our fleet has over 20K hosts.

Personally, I find it hard to find a facet of technology that I’m not interested in. I’ve done personal projects ranging from Electrical Engineering to Mechanical, to high level Computer Science. I have a fairly large project backlog, and I’ve only written about a few.

Outside of tech, I’m an avid hiker, rock climber and cyclist. I greatly enjoy film, music and city planning. I’m a huge fan of Blender and wish I had more time to spend on honing my modelling skills. More recently, I’ve started to get more into cooking, since it’s quite a bit more satisfying than buying frozen meals from Trader Joe’s.

I’m motivated by fleeting curiosities, always searching for deeper meaning. Solving interesting problems drives me to learn and make myself a more well-rounded person.

Below is a list of little things that I enjoy:

  1. Back rubs
  2. Code compiling without errors on first try
  3. Cooking a nice dinner with my SO
  4. Having a nice breeze blow in the window
  5. Accelerating from 0-60 when getting onto the Highway

- Tom

p.s. If you’d like to contact me, here’s my Linkedin or if you prefer email, [tom] @ [this domain]